Hotel Katerina

After a long journey of airplanes and metros, we finally made it to Athens and were able to make ourselves at home at the lovely Hotel Katerina!

Hotel Katerina was somewhere in that circle

Honestly, this hotel was simply amazing – and if you ever wanted to go visit Athens, I would HIGHLY recommend it (side note: If you ever do want to visit Athens and want some opinions on where to stay/what to do – don’t be shy and ask!). Not only is it clean, tidy, and cute – BUT, the staff is one of the kindest staff I have interacted with at a hotel. They make you feel as if you are a part of their family and that the hotel is your home. They are very polite and have great manners. If I ever go back to Athens, I will (without a doubt) stay here again. On top of that, the hotel is close to metro lines and is walking distance to pretty much all of the sight seeing attractions that you would want to visit during your stay, such as the Acropolis.

Breakfast was also included with our stay, and maaaaaan WAS IT EVER DELICIOUS! It was sort of a buffet style, and the cooks made it themselves everyday. Not only that, but they always bought fresh baked goods from a bakery down the street. And the best part? THE GREEK YOGURT! Oh. My. God. I can’t even begin to depict how delicious the yogurt tasted. Simply amazing. I literally want to go back to Greece to be able to eat that yogurt every single day of my life.

There would be fresh fruit, baked goods, Halva, Greek yogurt, eggs, olives, and much more every morning


Dat Greek yogurt and peach doe


The rooms were also very comfortable to stay in! My mom and I got one room with two beds. There was also a TV in the room, but the majority (practically all) of the television channels were in Greek – sooooo we didn’t really understand any of it; however, we did still watch TV at night. From our window, we were able to look down over the road and see the hustle and bustle of everyday Greek life. It was amazing. Even late into the night, you could hear friends and families laughing out loud and enjoying themselves at restaurants or walking along the road. There was such joy in the air.