Hello Greece!

Hello Greece

Approximately one year ago, I went on a mother-daughter trip to Greece. What better way to remember that wonderful time than to relive all of the beautiful memories and share them with you all! I’m thinking of writing multiple blogs on my trip to Greece – Enjoy!

*insert ‘flashback-to-a-year-ago’ sound*
(…not gonna lie, the only sound I can think of is the noise the Tardis makes…)

And the trip begins!

Hello Greece2

Frankfurt from the air
Frankfurt from the air

After a long, tiring, and movie-filled 9 hour flight – we arrived at Frankfurt! Thankfully, we were on Luftansa airlines, and can I just say: THEY GAVE OUT FREE TOBLERONES!!!!! (#priorities). But seriously, when that flight attendant came down the aisle at the 7 hour mark with ginormous toblerones … I was most definitely ecstatic.

Now, you may think that catching flights is an easy thing to do. Ahhh yes. And that is how it should be. But on this specific day, it sure as hell wasn’t.

Siting in the Frankfurt airport, my mom and I had a few hours to spare before our next flight to Greece.

Frankfurt airport

We walked around, window-shopped, and walked around some more. As the time for our flight fast approached, we decided it would be best to sit at our terminal – because it would probably be best to be there early rather than to be there late. We waited… and waited… aaaaand waited some more, but no one, and I mean NO ONE came to sit at our terminal. Okay, hold up, were we the only two people on the flight? That seemed highly unlikely. So a little less than 15 minutes to our boarding time, my mom decided to go ask someone at a help desk what the deal was. And do you know what we were told?

“Oh? You didn’t hear? Your flight terminal has been switched.”


“Yes, they changed where you will be boarding from.”

“Ohh okay. So, where should we board from?”

“At this Gate #” *shows us where*


*Both my mom and I look frantically at our watches*

LOOOOOOOOOL ~5 minutes left until boarding

We seriously booked it. Honestly though, it was one of the best moments of our trip and I’ll never forget it. I remember laughing. I remember constantly looking at the time as we ran. And I remember getting to the gate (out of breath) to board our plane AND they hadn’t even started boarding people yet. Yup. What a victory!



Now, I don’t typically fall asleep on planes (because it’s never all that comfortable), but I’ll admit – I literally slept the whole way to Athens. I pulled my food tray down (you know what I mean right? the tray that is sort of attached to the seat in front of you on planes so you can pull down when they give you food?) and I lay my head on it and fell faaaaast asleep.

Once the plane landed, my Greek adventures began.