To Blog or Not to Blog?

“Should I do it? Do I do it?… No, why would I… it’s not like anyone will read it,” I think to myself.

“Do it! JUST DOOOOOO IT!,” the devil on my left shoulder bellows. Clearly, it seemed that the devil had gotten some lessons from Shia LaBeouf.

I wait for the angel on my right shoulder to say something contrary to the devil’s remark. I need an excuse. And saying “I listened to what the angel said” might just very well be the perfect one… although possibly not to anyone who is sane…

I wait patiently, but let’s be honest, patience is definitely not one of my finer qualities. And so, after a good 10 seconds, I find myself tapping my fingers in haste for the angel’s opinion.

“Yeaaaaaah I sorta agree with satan over there,” the angel blurts out.



Don’t the angel and devil never agree??



I sit there quietly for a moment, pondering what harm could come from actually starting a blog.




Mehhhh let’s do it.

2 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog?

  1. omg you got a blog! That makes me so happy 😀 I really hope you enjoy it and have many a merry time staying up late writing new posts 😉 Now maybe I should start blogging again too….


    1. I think I’ll definitely enjoy it! I’m super excited to express my feelings and life through writing online! And you should definitely start blogging again!!! I want to creep your blog everyday! (muhaha)


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