Take Time to Smell the Roses

Nature is everywhere. Duh. I know. Obvious, huh?
But, sometimes I think it’s quite easy to forget that nature envelopes us no matter where we are. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m cooped up inside – whether it be at work, home, or the university – but I tend to forget just how beautiful nature truly is.

During my most recent trip from Kelowna to Alberta (an almost 7-hour long trek), I was lucky enough to make some stops between cities and take some (… aka: a billion) photographs of the nature that surrounded me. I wish to share these pictures with you in hopes that they will spark the same feelings of utter awe and admiration that I had for these places.

I challenge you all to this: Next time you go outside of your house or workplace, take time to smell the roses. Literally. I promise you it will be well worth it. It sure was for me!


First stop? Banff! One of the cutest cities I have been to and its nature is phenomenal! I mean, seriously! Just look at its water! IT’S TURQUOISE!!!! TURQUOISE!!!! (You can clearly tell I don’t have turquoise water where I’m from…)



More of Banff’s nature… found at Dairy Queen! The strawberries and bananas in the sundae are technically a part of ‘nature’…. right?….right??

The next two pictures are from the beautiful Lake Louise – After visiting Lake Louise I cannot wait until I can go back. I’ve definitely put it on my bucket list to go canoeing on this lake. Just image, you and a friend canoeing in that turquoise water in the early hours of the morning. The only noises you can hear are those of birds chirping in the distance and possibly a hiker peeing in the bush (pleasant.) Yuuup! That’ll definitely be one for the bucket list.




Until next time!

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