Photoshoot with my Dog… classic.

There’s nothing like having man’s best friend around during times of sadness, happiness, and … well practically just whenever really.

I called Cosmopolitan the other day and asked to borrow some of their models to do a photoshoot with. They rejected me. So I made this little one pose for me to take pictures of. IN YO FACE COSMOPOLITAN! Continue reading “Photoshoot with my Dog… classic.”

1 Day Island Cruise


Now pretend that ‘vietnam’ part is actually saying Greece… GOOOOOOD MORNING GREEEEEECE!


Closer to the end of our stay in Greece, my mother and I decided to take a 1-day cruise with Aegean Glory to 3 islands. For those interested, it was around $60 (although the prices varied depending on the individual sometimes – weird. I think if a hotel recommended you to take the cruise, and the hotel booked it for you, you would get a discount? Not too sure though.) The cruise itself started at 8:00am and we returned back to Athens around 7:30pm. It was a long day, but so worth it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wanted to visit the islands but did not want to stay at them for a long period of time.

In total, we went to 3 islands: Poros, Hydra, and Aegina.

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing blogposts on my adventures at each of the islands and a little bit more about the cruise ship experience itself.



Dear Diary [1]: On days like these

You know that feeling when you really want to do something? That feeling of excitement which makes your heart pound like crazy for what is to come? That sense of power? Not the ‘I’m going to take over the world’ power, but the ‘I can finally do this’ power? It’s almost like what you want to do is at the end of the road and you’re running with your full strength to reach it. It’s so close, you’re almost there. Continue reading “Dear Diary [1]: On days like these”